Sustainable Jewelry for a responsible future

The future is important to us. That's why we use sustainable and environmentally friendly resources whenever possible for the materials we use.


We use different types of glass beads in our designs. This not only looks particularly beautiful due to the way light falls on it, but is also sustainable. Glass is a 100% recyclable material and requires extremely little energy to make compared to other materials.

In our earrings we mainly use Miyuki beads, which are refined with 24 carat gold, depending on the design. In addition, we use crystals of the Austrian traditional company Swarovski for our earrings and thus make a (small but fine) contribution to the support of the local economy. However, the materials we use are not only beautiful and extremely high-quality, but also as light as a feather. This ensures that the earrings are comfortable and carefree to wear.


Earring studs:

Under the skin.Since the studs of our earrings are in constant and direct contact with the skin, it is important to use only the best and highest quality materials. Therefore, the studs on all of our earrings are made of 925 sterling silver and, depending on the design, are 18 karat gold plated. Sterling silver is a very soft material compared to other metals and is therefore comfortable to wear. In addition, it is nickel-free and thus perfect for skin-sensitive and easily allergic people.

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The packaging material we use is ecofriendly and FSC® certified. This means that the wood used for packaging comes from a forest in which only those trees are felled that the forest itself can reproduce. Therefore, only those trees are cut down that a forest can reproduce on its own - without outside help.

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