From the idea to the finished product

Everything starts with an idea, a conception, a vision. The belief to create something unique and beautiful and the will to turn these thoughts into reality.

The design process is a special, unique process that requires creativity as well as a lot of time and patience. 

The implementation of the collected ideas, the selection of colors and shapes happens in our home country, Austria.


handmade with love. handmade with love.All our earrings are lovingly handcrafted. Different types and shapes of glass beads are individually, bead by bead, tied together until a small work of art is created from the hundreds of individual parts. The working time for a pair of earrings is up to 7 hours.

All within the EU. Our handcrafted earrings made by selected producers within the EU. Thus, we can not only ensure the best working conditions, but also a fair remuneration for all our partners.


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